How our post-award teams work

We provide a very different kind of post-award interaction for orders placed against the agile BPA, with on hand technical staff and an agency product owner in addition to traditional procurement roles.

The Contracting Officer

The contracting officer (CO) is responsible for monitoring contract compliance, contract administration, and cost control and for resolving any differences between the observations documented by the COR and the contractor. The CO will designate a COR as the government authority for performance management. The number of additional representatives serving as technical inspectors depends on the complexity of the services measured, as well as the contractor’s performance, and must be identified and designated by the CO.

The Contracting Officer’s Representative

The contracting officer’s representative (COR) is designated in writing by the CO to act as their authorized representative to assist in administering a contract. COR limitations are contained in the written appointment letter. The COR is responsible for technical administration of the project and ensures proper government surveillance of the contractor’s performance. The COR is not empowered to make any contractual commitments or to authorize any contractual changes on the government’s behalf. Any changes that the contractor deems may affect contract price, terms, or conditions shall be referred to the CO for action. The COR will have the responsibility for documenting the inspection and evaluation of the contractor’s work performance. Government surveillance may occur under the inspection of services clause for any service relating to the contract.

Agency Partner Product Owner

The Product Owner is the project’s key stakeholder and is from the agency partner team. They are responsible for having a vision of what outcomes they wish to achieve, and convey the vision to the 18F Product Manager and the contractor’s scrum or development team. The Product Owner does this in part through the product backlog, which will be a prioritized list of user stories for the product. The Product Owner is responsible for advocating on behalf of the agency’s needs and on behalf of users, and responsible for decision-making during sprint planning and implementation. The Product Owner will work with the COR/ACOR to inspect vendor work.

18F Product Manager

The TTS Product Manager is the interface between the requiring organization (GSA-TTS) and contracting organization (GSA FAS AAS/NCR). The Product Manager coordinates technical aspects of the contract with the COR/ACOR and CO, assists with contract administration, ensures client acceptance of services, and reviews invoices for payment. The Product Manager is also responsible for coordination between the contractor, the Product Owner, as well as the CO and COR/ACOR.

18F Technical Lead

The TTS Technical Lead is responsible for ensuring that the contractor's development work is well-tested, well-documented, and maintainable. This usually includes code review and reviewing and merging pull requests. They also coordinate between the contractor’s development team, the Product Owner and the key interagency stakeholders.

18F Design Lead

The TTS design lead is responsible for ensuring that the contractor's development work is informed by good design practices, and that the team meets the design and user research requirements of the contract.